Whether you want to ship important documents, time-critical express goods, freight of big volume or you do have a regular commodity flow. We deliver everything. Fast, safe, cost-efficient and on time.

Due to our special trained and certified staff we are also able to carry dangerous goods.

With a minimum of lead time and a maximum capacity of 2.250 kg respectively 18 cubic metres of volume our fleet covers a wide range of demands.


Dimensions of cargo door: 135 x 130 cm (BxH)
Freight volume: 18 Kubikmeter
Max. floor load: 732 KG/Qm
Max. size of a single piece: 135 x 115 x 100 cm (LxBxH)
Capacity for pallets: 7-10
Capacity for boxes: 4-5
Max. range: 2650 Km
Max. payload: 1900-2100 Kg

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